“ I feel happy returning to work when I know I am leaving my child at a nursery where they are happy and thriving ”


The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum for all nurseries and pre-schools registered with Ofsted.


This curriculum not only sets the educational criteria for the learning and development of babies and children up to the age of five years but also shapes the high standards of practice. Its central aim is to help young people achieve the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes:

Being healthy

Enjoying and achieving

Making positive contributions

Staying safe

Achieving economic well-being

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Ofsted (Offices for Standards in Education)

Here at Castle Nursery & Pre-School we aim to far exceed the minimum National Standards set by Ofsted to ensure that we provide the highest quality care and education in early years.

Some quotes taken from recent OFSTED inspections:

Staff work effectively as a team, and in partnership with parents and other agencies, to meet children's individual needs well."
Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding."
Children make exceptional developmental progress because staff know them very well and are highly skilled at promoting their learning and development."
The nursery is well planned and fully organised to meet children's individual needs and purposefully encourages the involvement of parents."
Children are provided with a good range of interesting activities and resources that successfully motivate them during their play."
Children's individual needs are extremely well met because staff work effectively with parents to involve them in children's learning and development."